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    The Gringo Gazette North serves the American community living in Baja California, featuring news, articles, updates, fishing, real estate, community events, and tourist activities. The Gringo Gazette is your best source of insider information about living, working, visiting or retiring in Mexico.

     We keep up to date on all of the latest news and information, way more than just a tourist guide. The paper publishes 15,000 copies, every two weeks. Distribution is in Rosarito Beach, along the Gold Coast of Baja, Ensenada, Punta Banda and the Bufadora. Thousands of readers catch the paper on-line, and there are many US subscribers also. The ads give an idea about what goods and services are available in Mexico, and what things cost. The Gringo Gazette is by far your best source for Baja information in English.



Nancy A. Conroy, J.D. Publisher, Gringo Gazette
Nancy A. Conroy is the publisher of the Gringo Gazette (, an English language newspaper serving the American community in Baja California. The paper covers news, events and practical information useful for Americans living in Mexico. Ms. Conroy obtained her law degree in 1997 from the University of Southern California, and her undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Michigan. Ms. Conroy has worked in California as an attorney and as a business broker. She is currently a member of the State Bar of California, and formerly held a California Real Estate Brokers license. Prior to attending law school, Ms. Conroy worked for several years as an international trade advisor to the State Government of Yucatan, a Mexican state located on the Gulf of Mexico. One of few Americans ever to have worked directly inside the Mexican government, Ms. Conroy possesses extensive experience in US/Mexico business relations, and NAFTA issues.



Dan Evanoff
Photographer, Gringo Gazette.

Dan has been interested in photography for a number of years. He's been shooting photos in Mexico since 2003 including a number of surfing contests and the various off road race events like the Baja 1000 and 500. Dan does portraits of people, birds and animals. In addition to being a photographer he's a Realtor and Loan Officer for Buy America Real Estate Services in Orange Ca. Dan also builds computers and computer networks. He lives in Long Beach Ca. and has a home in Ensenada.



Lois Drake
Editor, Gringo Gazette

Lois is a woman with many roles: Teacher, Historian, Editor, Tourism Professional, Dog Lover
She's a resident of La Mision BC, Mex



Doug Gould
Contributing photojournalist
Gringo Gazette

Doug is a freelance nature photographer who is currently assembling images for his upcoming book, tentatively titled Discover Baja: A Photographic Study of the Baja California Peninsula. He appreciates his role as roving writer/photographer for the Gazette and looks forward to a continuing relationship. Doug moved from North Carolina to Punta Banda in 2004. Please visit his new and evolving website @



Captain Lonnie Ryan
Contributing Photographer and Journalist
Gringo Gazette

Captain Lonnie Ryan has been in Mexico for 7 years, commuting to and from his sailboat at Marina Coral near Ensenada. During his life he has been traveling to, and exploring Mexico for over 37 years. Captain Ryan is an accomplished seaman, having served 2 years on a National Oceanographic and Administration (NOAA) ship as an Electronics Technician. He was in charge of shipboard operations and small boat exploration away from the ship performing tide survey data collection in the Columbia River and San Francisco Bay. He has delivered yachts throughout Mexico and navigated his own boat in California and Mexican waters. He has authored a book entitled "The 90 Day Yacht Club Guide to Ensenada". You can visit Captain Ryan's website at for more information about this book and for more interesting facts about northern Baja.



Steve "Bad Dog" Ross
Gringo Gazette

Steve "Bad Dog" Ross, a Berkley Pro-Team Elite Captain, runs his tournament winning sportfisher Bad Dog out of Ensenada's Marina Coral. He has a place in King's Coronita RV Park whereby he can overlook the Marina and his boat while enjoying the Ensenada sunsets with all his friends. "The Dog" frequently visits Botes Juanitos on the Malecone to be with all the local Captains. The owner's son, Juan Lu Cardona-Sepulveda is regular crew aboard Bad Dog. With many years of saltwater fishing experiences, tournament awards, I.G.F.A. accomplishments, and sportfishing trophies, The Dog will write about fishing Ensenada and tackle information. Contact: and