Rosarito Crack Down
Federales Show Force
By Martina

There were more than the mice stirring the Friday before Christmas in Rosarito. The Mexican government sent a battery of fierce looking Federale Police into the center of town. It was a Mexican government surge to take back Rosarito so that holiday shoppers and tourists could feel safe.

It was not the most traditional Christmas welcome as a fleet of black and white units carrying more than 25 uniformed police wearing bullet proof vests set up a staging area in front of the Smart and Final store. The two center lanes stayed open while the police pulled over any vehicle they considered a possible threat in the wave of crime experienced in northern Baja. Tijuana and Ensenada were also targeted to come under the protection of this show of force.

Each heavily armed officer displayed his rifle openly, carrying it at the ready position and while it was intimidating to drive through the blockade to shop, it was well organized and did not interfere with the traffic flow. The police presence did create a crowd of onlookers as Joy to the world blared from Smart and Finalís outside speakers. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show. One bystander said that it was reassuring that the government was committed to help secure the town during the holidays. There were no municipal police in sight.

Visitors and locals alike can get to know the different forms of police protection as all Federale Police will display their shields on the vehiclesí doors, and the officersí uniforms can be recognized by arm patches and badges. Holiday travelers may see Federale check points looking for drunk drivers during this time of year. If you donít see the well marked vehicles and uniforms, you are not required to stop. Have a safe and Happy New Year!



Gringo Gazette, Baja's English Language Newspaper